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Food Insecurity In Adams County

Food insecurity among families, seniors, and children exists right where we live, in Commerce City, Thornton, Westminster, and across 34 zip codes throughout the county. The impacts of hunger and poor nutrition are serious: children suffer, health is undermined, and prospects for good jobs and life security are limited. We serve inside and outside of the County, because we are here to help without exclusion!

How many people need food?

Adams County Food Bank is the largest organization in Adams County working to alleviate hunger and its companion problems: chronic undernutrition, heart disease, and obesity. By partnering with community organizations and distributing food directly into the hands of those in need, we’re able to make thousands of nutritious food distributions each week and every month. 

Our food distribution responds to critical need by providing all people with a generous weekly supply of a variety of foods.

      • Helping people – Household visits overall in 2020: 35,471 
      • However, residents in the region can access food weekly: In 2020 – 9, 070 visits by people seeking weekly sustenance.
      • Kids: Our data shows that family weekly visits provide food for 28,950 children 
      • Seniors are at risk just like children and the weekly numbers reflect critical need: 24,100

You too can have a significant impact in alleviating hunger in our community. Join our mission by making a donation today!

We’re Feeding It Forward

We process and distribute over 8 million pounds of food annually. This food comes from a variety of sources including organizations like the Food Bank of the Rockies and We Don’t Waste, donors, and often times food items are “rescued” from grocery chains and farms with excess inventory. We offer nutritious choices like fresh fruit, vegetables, whole grains, meat, rice, beans, and dairy products to low-income individuals on a weekly and monthly basis. This helps fill the gap in the food budget for many families and seniors struggling to make ends meet with the increasingly high living costs in the metro area.


In addition to our weekly and monthly food distributions, we also provide:


        • Food boxes to low-income seniors with food from the USDA
        • Food items to low-income schools throughout Adams County
        • Food for migrant farm workers
        • Emergency food boxes to families in crisis
        • Perishable food items to smaller food banks in the county
        • Application assistance for SNAP and
        • Medicare Colorado

We’re Helping People Find Work

Reliable employment is one method towards reducing food insecurity among low-income individuals. That’s why we provide job readiness help to those who are looking to establish a track record of on-the-job skills and responsibilities. We serve as a placement site for the Colorado Workfare work experience program and offer job readiness exposure in the fields of Office Administration, Forklift Operations, and Warehouse Management. We also provide work experience for youth with disabilities through the Adams Works Family Transition Services and Adams 12 Five Star Schools. Additionally, we work with AARP, placing applicants in positions where they learn new skills to take them to new employment fields.

Thank You for your Generous Donations!