Our Mission is Sustained by a Community of Givers

They are individuals who live and work here in Adams County. They are men and women in the business sector that have a stake in the community. They are people who represent foundations whose sole purpose is to provide help to organizations that help those less fortunate. Food distribution to needy families would not be possible without the generous support of these and others in the community.

Our donors are the lifeline to people who struggle to secure enough food to live healthfully. 

We operate on a shoestring budget. To make our funding dollars stretch, we run on a team of four part-time staff members, and leverage over 40 volunteers who contribute 32,000 hours of support annually. Last year, with your help we were able to:

  • Provide 8 million pounds of food to those in need, including fresh produce, staple foods, bread, meat, and other perishables.
  • Offer help 46,106 times, including all weekly and monthly distributions, to households throughout the county.
  • Serve 114,870 total visits from individuals seeking food help, helping fill a huge gap in the food budgets of families, seniors, and veterans in our community.
  • Distribute 12,518 food boxes to low-income seniors who make up 20% of our distributions.

Why not make a huge difference in the lives of your neighbors! Less fortunate families face real consequences when financial difficulties overwhelm them. Our food distribution help, and your dollars, can go a long way in providing a path forward when food insecurity is a fact of life.

Donated dollars help us buy high quality food items in bulk, at low prices. Make a donation today!


Thank You for your Generous Donations!